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BIGO LIVE is one of the Social Tool which allows you to connect with the online community of Teenagers (mostly) through live videos. The main purpose of this application is entertainment and become popular in the virtual world. Share your live videos or join the other’s broadcasting with a single click. Follow, millions of channels, people and discover the whole new virtual world with new perspectives.

BIGO LIVE – LIVE Streaming Application allows you to be live by a tap of the single button or let you create and post your favorite videos by creating live Video Blogs. You can easily sign up with the existing Facebook or Google Account or any through any email account. At the time of login, you will have a list of people (who are broadcasting their live videos), you can join their live chats, share their live broadcasting through social media or can send them gifts. These gifts are in the form of beans. Actually, the beans define the popularity of user and can be traded in the real world by cash. The nature of this application is a kind of gaming in which the users have been assigned to levels, ranks and let them experience the real world audience. Users can also buy the Beans and other features to get the fan following.

The BIGO Live – Live Streaming Application has gained a lot of fame and attraction in a very short period of time. It is a very famous application among the countries like Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and many other countries of the world. Officially, the application has been developed by the Singaporean Developer and nowadays it is available for multiple platforms like Android, iOS, and the Web.

Complete BIGO Live User Guide from Download to Earn

How to Download BIGO Live & Get Started

First and Foremost step to enter the Live Video Broadcasting world is to download BIGO Live Application and get connected with other millions of online users. For this, you have to follow the mentioned steps to download BIGO Live on your smart device, set it up to start your own Live Videos anywhere, anytime with just availability of the Internet. The amazing and attractive features of this application make BIGO Live App addictive. So, get ready to be the part of entertainment Ocean.

Step 1 – If you are Android User Go to the Play Store and Download BIGO Live Application or else if you are iOS user go to the iCloud store to download BIGO Live App.

Step 2 – Once the BIGO Live App got installed on your smartphone just tap the Icon to launch the application.

Step 3 – Now you need to SIGNUP on BIGO Live, you can SIGNUP using your existing Facebook, Google+ or Gmail Account.

Step 4 – You need to ALLOW the required permissions required by the application.

Step 5 – Now on the home screen of BIGO Live you can see live Broadcasting of people across the globe.

Step 6 – Just TAP on any profile you will join his/her live video chat and can participate actively.

Step 7 – Now you can send text messages and chat with them. You must note here that your video is not visible to them. You can also send them beans, “BEANS” in BIGO Live is same as “LIKES” on Facebook.

Till now we have clearly understood the purpose and basic usage of the BIGO Live Application and how to text users and send beans to live to broadcast. In the next portion, we will deal with “How to Become Live on BIGO Live?”

How to Become Live On BIGO Live or Video Calling on BIGO LIVE?

There are lucky Seven steps to Follow in order to become Live on BIGO Live. BIGO Live Video Calling is the ultimate and golden feature of BIGO Live which let you share your activities across the globe without any boundary. Many Celebrities used this BIGO Live Broadcasting feature to share their updates among their fans across the globe. Follow the following steps to get benefited with BIGO Live Broadcasting Feature.

Step 1 – Firstly, you need to sign up or if you have already BIGO Live Account You need to sign in.

Step 2 – In order to start your live streaming, at the bottom end there is round like Earth icon, Tap on that Icon.

Step 3 – At that step, you need to enter the “TITLE” of your video. Here you can also set up some parameter as per your wish like, Turn On or Turn off the Location and Social Media Sharing like Facebook. You can set these parameters as per your wish. If you want people to know where you are setting your Location ON else OFF and if you want people to share your Streaming on Facebook, turn it on.

Step 4 – Now TAP on the “GO Live”. After tapping your broadcasting will start within seconds.

Step 5 – Now you can enjoy unlimited Video Calls with BIGO Live with the people in your chat list and can also engage more people in your broadcasting by finding them.

Step 6 – Click on the profile picture of anyone and make a Video Call on BIGO Live APP. Now you can enjoy live video call with many people and can chat with them simultaneously.

Step 7 – Finally, You can also invite friends, colleagues, and co-hosts in your broadcasting.

So, Till now we have successfully covered the BIGO Live App introduction, How to download BIGO Live App, How to setup an Account on BIGO LIVE and How to become Live on BIGO Live App. Now next we will consider the new and premium feature of BIGO Live Application i-e BIGO Live Connector. Next, we are going to cover up what is BIGO Live Connector and how to use BIGO Live Connector?

What is BIGO Live Connector?

BIGO Live App is undoubtedly a leading Live Broadcasting application which has to accommodate many of the users and keep on launching some amazing and best features. Recently BIGO Live has launched an interesting feature named as BIGO Live Connector. BIGO Live connector is just like using the BIGO Live App on your desktop computer. You just have to broadcast your video and share it with other users, fans, and followers and chat with them on your desktop using BIGO Live Connector.

How to Use BIGO Live Connector?

Here are some steps you have to follow in order to get benefited with the BIGO Live Connector.

Step 1 – First of all, you need to navigate to the official website of the BIGO Live from your Computer.

Step 2 – Download BIGO Live Connector to your computer.

Note: Download BIGO Live Connector which is compatible with your Computer Operating System.

Step 3 – After downloading, install the BIGO Live Connector software on your desktop.

Step 4 – Now you have to launch the BIGO Live, Live Mode.

Step 5 – Next you will have ha BIGO Live QR Code, you have to scan this QR Code with the help of BIGO Mobile App.

After this user guide about BIGO Live Connector, BIGO Live Connector will be a mystery to you. Now, you know what BIGO Live Connector is, How to Download BIGO Live Connector, How to install BIGO Live Connector, and How to use BIGO Live Connector. So, download BIGO Live App, and BIGO Live Connector.

Follow To Delete BIGO Live Account

Simply, you can uninstall the BIGO Live Application anytime you want but by uninstalling the BIGO Live application your account will neither deactivate nor deleted. In order to deactivate or delete your account of BIGO Live, You simply have to follow these steps.

Step 1 – Go to the Setting of the BIGO Live Application.

Step 2 – Here you will see the option of Deregister/Delete Account.

Step 3 – Tap on the Delete Account Option.

Step 4 – That’s all you have to do for permanently delete your account of BIGO Live Application.

Now, you can uninstall the BIGO Live Application from your mobile device.

Useful Tips to earn money & unlimited Beans & Diamonds with BIGO Live

BIGO Live GuideBIGO Live Diamond apk, Live Streaming Application is trending and amazingly growing application for the live broadcasting. You can conduct live video session during any amazing activity or can share your talent with the rest of the world free of cost. You can also make some new friends. In this guide, we are going to share with the 100% working and updated BIGO Live Tips to earn money and to get unlimited Beans and Diamonds. Most of the users are not well familiar with how to use BIGO Live PC and we will also share how to use BIGO Live on PC.

BIGO Live Beans – BIGO Live Beans are the actual source of making money via BIGO Live Application. Using BIGO Live we can earn and transfer real-world cash into the bank accounts. Keep on reading, yes we are going to share the best method to earn thousands of beans and turn them into real money. But, while applying this method you must be very careful and have to apply in the proper way.

Keys Points to Remember for BIGO Live Beans Earning

You have to remember the following 6 key points in order to earn the maximum the BIGO Live Beans. Memories it if you are addictive to BIGO Live Application.

  1. Your account must have your original and unique name.
  2. Use attractive girl’s images as the profile picture because most of the users are attractive to the girls.
  3. Come live at least 1 time in 24 hours in order to have Good Engagement with your Fan & Followers.
  4. Reply to the questions and comments of your followers and try to take them on the call with you.
  5. Select Topic to talk about and provide useful information.
  6. Repeat the steps again and again with the target of 500 beans in a week initially.

The trick is very simple while on live you have to be very friendly with the audience and keep on responding them about their questions and comments. Keep the above points in your mind while being live on BIGO Live.

How to buy BIGO Live Beans by Paying Real Money?

If you have money in your pocket and you want to achieve the Level 2 as soon as possible then you can buy beans by paying money. You can use this paid promotion to get the followers as well as BIGO Live Beans. You can also promote your products and services on BIGO Live using BIGO Live paid Promotions.

TIPS to make Real Money from BIGO Live

You can adopt the following TIPS and Trick to earn more money with the BIGO Live.

  1. Use Female Image (Download attractive female Pic from Google) as Profile Picture. Reason: Most of the boys get attracted towards the women’s more.
  2. Always be live with some attractive and useful topic so that your visitors can easily participate and like the topics. Usually talked about world affairs and entertainments.
  3. Come live with BIGO Live at least 1 time in a day. This way your profile will become more organic and people will like you and send you beans. You can exchange these beans with Real World Money.
  4. Go beyond the limits of things to increase your level of the BIGO Live.

DOWNLOAD BIGO Live APK – Live Streaming Application

Undoubtedly, BIGO Live is one of the exceptional Live Streaming Application which has been designed and developed for the purpose of the Live Broadcasting through your Android smartphones. Now the android users can easily commence the live broadcasting with their friends, fans and rest of the community of millions of users. You can share your moments of life like dancing, eating something new, playing games and while other activities. The online users can easily and actively participate in your activity. So, download BIGO Live APK for your android phone and share your live streaming with millions. You can simply download BIGO Live APK by click on the download button given below.

Download BIGO Live iOS – Live Streaming Application

BIGO Live become a leading Application in the category of Live Streaming Application and within the very short period of time, it is available for multiple platforms. Now iOS users can downloadBIGO Live iOS Application from the iTunes and can enjoy the live broadcasting. The features of BIGO Live iOS is similar to the BIGO Live APK. You can downloadBIGO Live iOS simply by a single click on the download button shown below.

Download BIGO Live for PC – Live Streaming Application

BIGO Live PC is the desktop version of BIGO Live Application which you can use to share your live broadcasting through PC. It’s an amazing and excellent video live broadcasting application compatible with multiple platforms. BIGO Live application support almost all the windows platforms like Windows 8, 8.1 7, XP and Mac. Its support both architecture of operating system 32 bit and 64 bit. You can download BIGO Live for PC by simply click on the given link. Click on the download button and start downloading BIGO Live for PC.

Amazing Features of BIGO Live Application

BIGO Live Application is a legendary application which brings a big revolution in the Live Streaming. Now Live Streaming is in the pocket of everyone. Everyone can broadcast his/her Live Video with a single Tap. Not only the Live streaming, you can also participate in any Live Streaming and share your own personal opinions via Chat and interact with other live users. You can also create channels, can also subscribe your favorite personality channel so, that you won’t miss the interesting video of his/her.

Bigo live hack apk, The main reason for BIGO Live App to become viral within such a short range of time is its amazing features. Here, we will unveil some amazing features of BIGO Live App with you.

Live Streaming & Broadcasting: Do unlimited Live Broadcast from your own smartphone anywhere, anytime with just an internet connection.

Opportunity to Make Fans & Followers: Now you have an opportunity in your pocket every time to become famous in the virtual world. Show some good skills with the attractive personality and make millions of fans and followers. Maybe you become popular and viral within few seconds. Grab your hands on BIGO Live now and enjoy the BIGO.

Send Gifts Virtually: Enjoy the virtual life by making unlimited friends and show them love and care by sending gifts. You can send cool and unique gifts to them.

The chance to Earn Rewards: Now, win beans, diamonds, and many other prices with BIGO Life from your fans, and other BIGO Live Broadcasters.

The chance to Earn Real Money: Everyone wants to earn money nowadays with both of his/her hands. What if you can earn money and get entertain yourself at the same time. Yes, you can earn from BIGO Live. You can exchange the beans with the real world currencies. With the Live streaming Entertainment now you can earn money.

Top 5 Reviews about BIGO Live from Community

“I personally feel that BIGO Live Broadcasting Application has been working as the best platform which lets us to show our talents to the rest of the world. It also allows us to watch others, share our opinions and follow them if we wish.” – Smith.

“BIGO Live Application has brought a new mode of socialization where I can make some new friends and can share my favorite videos.”  – Daisy.

“A good Application for entertainment purpose as well as from the earning point of view. You can turn entertainment into earning”. –  Charlie

“My friend told me about this wonderful application, he created an account to meet some new girls and today he is happy to have so many girls around him.” – John

“I am quite amazed at the versatility of this application. And quite impressed with the functionality especially the compatibility of this application with multiple platforms like Android, PC, and iOS. ” –Natasha